Thursday, September 29, 2011

Evan Longoria for the win--with Video

Well, Wednesday was a pretty good night to watch baseball. If you are a Tampa Bay Rays or St. Louis Cardinals fan.

We'll get to the most dramatic one first.

By now you know, the Rays were tied going into Wednesday with the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox win and Rays lose, the Rays go home. Both win...a tie.

It didn't end like that.

Tampa Bay was down 7-0 after 5 innings. They scratched and clawed back. And with 2 outs and a 2 ball and 2 strike count on Dan Johnson of the Rays, Yankees leading 7-6, one pitch from winning the game

And then it was tied.

We go to the 12 inning, bottom half and somehow, Baltimore scores 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th inning off Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon to come back and win 4-3.

Approximately 4 minutes after that happened.

And The Tampa Bay Rays come from 9 plus games back at the beginning of September to clinch a Wild-Card playoff berth. They will square off with the Texas Rangers on Friday.

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