Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reinsdorf Trying Again For Coyotes

((HT: Arizona Republic/Halverstadt))

Not that the HQ is shocked at this development or anything, but John Kaites and Jerry Reinsdorf are at it again- trying to buy the Phoenix Coyotes for pennies on the dollar...

At least, that's what the HQ is surmising...

They may have to take a number since Greg Jamison's group is still talking to the City of Glendale and the NHL- and have been since last month.

The last time Kaites and Reinsdorf were interested, they wanted a "special funding district" at Westgate's City Center to help fund the purchase and cover operating losses. There was also an opt-out clause that would have allowed the Glendale Hockey LLC group to move the team if financial losses continued.

Kaites and Reinsdorf were still interested and even went through the bankruptcy phase created by then-owner Jerry Moyes, but chose not to bid at the bankruptcy hearing.

Then, through multiple attempts at owner, we're back to the beginning...

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