Friday, September 23, 2011

When Leo Nunez became Juan Carlos Oviedo

Leo Nunez/Juan Carlos Oviedo
((ht: miamiherald))

File this under strange. According to reports, the man assumed to be Leo Nunez, closer for the Florida Marlins, has been suspended for the rest of the season and has left the country, returning home to the Dominican Republic.

And get this. Reports say Nunez, may not actually be Nunez. According to the Associated Press, his actual name: Juan Carlos Oviedo, one year older than the guy formerly known as Nunez was listed at in the team media guide.

Yes, he's now on the restricted list with Major League Baseball too. He apparently will remain ineligible until he clears up his paperwork issues.

Nunez has been pretty good this season, racking up 36 saves for a less-than-stellar Marlins team. He's third on their all-time list of saves and stands, according to the Miami Herald, to make $5.8 million next season.

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