Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oklahoma makes demands and other conference change news

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Dan Beebe
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My, my, my...we've got schools making demands, boosters making claims and one conference not so sure they want to go to oblivion.

We'll start in Oklahoma, where the highly connected Berry Trammel of NewsOK.com reports that Oklahoma has let the Big 12 know what it will take to keep them around. And yes, you could consider it a form of ransom.

Among their requirements to stay: Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe must go. The other, The Longhorn Network must be watered down.


Read Trammel's full story from NewsOK RIGHT HERE

While not saying they'll stay with these moves, the implication is, they would. The biggest hangup in all of this is that they perceive Beebe is in Texas's hip pocket.

Interesting stuff.

In other "Galactic Realignment" news, Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star reports that he's been told by a close associate of a prominent Missouri booster that they have an offer to join from the SEC. But, much like the Texas A&M invitation, it's conditional.

Charles Bloom, the communications director for the SEC denied that report to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. And an Associate Athletic Director from the school denied it too.

Read the story from the KC Star RIGHT HERE

While we don't know what has or hasn't been offered here, this report does not come as a shocker. There has been no secret of the mutual interest between the two parties here. However, given the current climate, we are not surprised that nobody is willing to give it any credence.

There are also multiple reports tonight saying the Pac 12 isn't so sure they want to expand. In order for the league to extend an offer to anyone, they need at least 9 out of the 12 school presidents to agree. And according to those reports, they don't necessarily have it.

What does this all mean: Nothing. As we've said repeatedly, Galactic Realignment is coming, we just don't know the form it will take. Nobody really does. The Pitt and Syracuse move to the ACC, if nothing changes, that won't happen for 2-years.

Yeah, 2-years. An eternity the way things are currently moving.

The biggest thing that we are seeing here and these reports back it up is, everyone is trying to cover their ass. They want options in hand so if (A) happens, they can move one way, if (B) happens they can move another. The possibility of this being a whole lot of nothing exists too, but we think with the money involved, that isn't likely.

The elephant in the room here seems to be Texas. They seem to have pissed off everyone in their conference and are the primary reason so many of them want to leave. We get that. That's why everyone is trying to protect their own interests. If Texas gives in to Oklahoma's demands, don't be surprised if the Big 12, by and large stays intact. Texas A&M is gone either way. If they are the only loss, the conference will survive. And be just fine.

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