Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday PM Galactic Conference Realignment Update

Let's just call this installment "Mergers and Acquisitions"

The Board of Regents inside the Republic of Texas has given University of Texas-Austin President Bill Powers, pretty much, carte blanche ((that's a blank check, kids...)) to negotiate in the best interest of the school...

Here's Powers not taking any questions, but making sure that everyone knows the Longhorns position...
((HT: KXAN-TV Austin))

Regents authorize Powers to realign:

At the same time, the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents met in Tulsa to give the same powers to President David Boren. Conventional Wisdom has always been that these two would go, in concert, with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State to form an even-larger Pacific Conference.

Although, according to OSG sources, there has been ((and still is)) back chatter that Commissioner John Swofford and the ACC are still swinging at the chance to add Texas as the 15th of 16 teams. Swofford will go no higher than 16 teams in any expansion.

9 of the current Pac-12/10 presidents would have to ratify any additions- even if Texas goes east instead of west. And the chances of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State being added without Texas may go in question... and OSU regents will meet Wednesday...

So, then if the Big Four leave the Big 12/10, and the Big East continues to dissolve, there is an idea floating out there that it could be the Big East 12/10 ((or the Really Big East))...

In play would be Rutgers and UConn ((who could or would expand the Ess-E-Cee footprint)), Cincy, Louisville, West Virginia, and South Florida along with the soon-to-be TCU. The 12/10 would have Iowa, Kansas, K-State, Baylor, and Mizzou in play for a total of 12- for a new Big 12/10/12.

ESPN's Bob Ley caught up with one of the forefathers of the Bee-Cee-Ess, former Big East Commish Mike Tranghese, who isn't all that keen on conference armageddon...
((HT: ESPN))

The Mountain West and Conference USA folks are also tossing about the merger idea in a football-only universe.

Got all that...???

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