Thursday, November 21, 2013

A-Rod's Public Play Vs. "The Man In Milwaukee"

((HT: Sportsnet/YES))

Alex Rodriguez decided to call his meeting with Major League Baseball a "farce..."

A lot of people would agree, but not for the reason he claims the meeting was a farce...

After not getting the commissioner to agree to answering questions in New York City, Rodriguez and his legal team stormed out of the MLB offices and decided to go on their (the HQ is fairly sure) "pre-planned" tour to defend themselves and their point-of-view...

Here's a snippet of the interview with his sympathetic ear in Francesa...
Everyone is sure that Rodriguez wants a court case... which will, probably, be dismissed... But, once you're all in, you're all in... Stick to your story... and A-Rod has... Lester Munson agrees... ((HT: ESPN))

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