Saturday, November 23, 2013

OSG Prem: Why Soccer Goalies Shouldn't Handle the Ball

If you are an English Premiere League Soccer fan, you may have seen this actually happen in real time. If you are a soccer fan, you may…or may not have seen this early on a fall Saturday morning.

If you are a sports fan, this is just kinda funny.

Check out what happened early in the Arsenal/Southampton game Saturday morning. Around the 21 minute mark, Southampton goalie Artur Boric tries to go and corral the ball in the goal area, but gets challenged by Arsenal's Olivier Giroud.

Boric vainly tries to shake Giroud, but it doesn't go so well. Giroud ends up plucking it from him and waltzes in for the very easy goal to make it 1-0.

Arsenal won 2-0...
((HT: NBC Sports/BPL))

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