Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ga. Southern Beats Florida: Yes, This Really Happened

In a season of bad luck and things gone wrong, we're pretty sure for the once-proud and always big-talking Florida Gators have hit rock-bottom.

The Gators got beat Saturday afternoon by FBS (D-1AA), Georgia Southern 26-20, in the Swamp.

We could go on for a long, long time about all the mistakes Florida and coach Will Muschamp made and how they got beat by a team that threw for 0 yards, but that would be piling on. Wouldn't it?

The now 7-4 Eagles were expected to be a playoff team on their level and are making the move to the FCS (D-1) Sun Belt next season.

But there still isn't a universe that exists where they should beat Florida, yet they did.

429 yards rushing was more than enough for Southern, who up until Saturday afternoon, had never actually beaten an FCS team, never mind an SEC team some thought might compete for a title.

We won't go into too much detail in this story, I will file a column when I have more time, but suffice to say, Florida coach Will Muschamp has a lot to worry about this holiday season. And as for Florida fans. Well, there's always basketball....

ESPN gives us a look at the last play of the game (And yes, I'm still laughing)


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