Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reports: Andy Enfield and Tim Floyd Pulled Apart at Hoops Tourney


So, we're guessing that new USC basketball coach Andy Enfield and former USC and current UTEP coach Tim Floyd won't be exchanging Christmas Cards this year.

According to Sports Illustrated basketball expert Seth Davis, the two got into a heated exchange Wednesday night a reception to kick off the Battle 4 Atlantis Basketball tournament.

Several of the assistants had to be pulled apart too.

The heat between the two dates back to last summer when Floyd accused Enfield of tampering with Isaac Hamilton, a recruit from the Southern California area who had signed a letter of intent. He later changed his mind, but Floyd refused to let him out. Hamilton ended up at UCLA.

It got worse when Enfield, in a story in Men's Journal was quoted saying Floyd "Shows up every day at work and realizes he's in El Paso, Texas and he's pissed off he didn't get the USC job 2 months ago"


Read the entire Seth Davis story with play-by-play as the incident unfolded RIGHT HERE

It's not often you hear publicly about coaches who appear to not like each other. And yes, it happens more than you think. But most all of them are very careful not to let that get out.

Like any other business, it's a very closed fraternity where everyone knows or knows of everyone else. And it's also a business where you may have to work with or work for that person somewhere down the line.

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