Thursday, November 21, 2013

Redskin Fan Blames Team For Lack Of Erection

{HT: CBS Washington DC}

Just when you think sports fans that the fortunes of the favorite team too seriously something comes along and bring it to a new level.

106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny on Tuesday is a radio show in the D.C. area and they asked fans how have the Redskins ruined your life.

We can understand being in a bad mood or just not caring about the Redskins anymore.

Then came Dave from Waldorf who just can get up for the 'Skins, literally.

“I think I’ve got ED or something man. I don’t know,” Dave said. “It’s because of these Redskins, man, I can’t do it.”

I hope Dave knows their is medication that can help, perhaps for four hours.

I would tell Cowboy fans to rejoice in this Redskin fans misery but why bother, they suck too.

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