Saturday, November 23, 2013

FSU Drops 80 on Idaho; Takes Fun Out of It

This game should never have been played. And it certainly shouldn't have a "Laugher" headline attached to it, because if you are a fan of competitive college football, it really wasn't very funny. Your final score: Florida State 80, Idaho 14.

The Seminoles ignored the hoopla surrounding star QB Jameis Winston and returned 2 interceptions for TD's, and nearly returned a 3rd.

Winston threw for 4 TD's, Devonta Freeman ran for 129 yards and a touchdown in a game that was more like a scout team matchup than a Division 1 (FCS) level football game.

While we understand there's a certain pecking order in College Football, some teams exist solely to be practice fodder for the bigger schools, it doesn't make this any more galling. No, we aren't claiming FSU ran up the score or was trying to pile it on, rather it just isn't fun to watch.

And it's not fair to the Idaho kids who showed up to get embarrassed.

If there was ever a call for a separate division for the "High Budget" FCS schools, this would be it. And as excited as we are that FBS Georgia Southern beat Florida, the fact remains, things like that almost never happen.

Anyway, enough soapbox, this isn't anything I haven't rambled about before.

Here are your highlights from ESPN:

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