Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heard on TV: Uncle Verne With Shot at ESPN and Musburger


Bwahahahaha! This is epically funny.

Late Saturday evening during the tail end of the LSU/Alabama game, the CBS TV crew decided to take a sideline cutaway shot of AJ McCarron's semi-famous girlfriend Katherine Webb.

And briefly, analyst Gary Danielson and play-by-play guy Verne Lundquist talked about her. The conversation was based around whether or not McCarron would re-enter the game with less than 2 minutes to go.

The two discussed the highly attractive Webb for a minute when Danielson asked Uncle Verne (one of TV's nicest people) if "That is all you're going to say"

Listen at the :24 second mark--

For the handful of you who are blissfully unaware of what Verne and Gary are referring to, here's a refresher:

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