Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohio St. WR Talks Smack on 'Bama/Florida St.--UPDATE: Meyer Ranks Team Over FSU

Guess there's a reason they play the games, but it's still interesting to hear.

Ohio State backup wide receiver Evan Spencer was asked an innocent question about how he thought his Buckeyes would fare against #1 Alabama or #2 Florida State.

It was his answer that's getting him much more attention than his job performance.

Spencer told that; "We'd wipe the floor with both of them". Perhaps an honest answer to an honest question. But not one that Twitter or Sports Bloggers will let slide.

And no, we don't believe that Ohio State would beat, nor wipe the floor with either of the two aforementioned teams.

But it does make for some amusing conversation.

On a somewhat related note--OSU coach Urban Meyer took time on Monday to explain why he picked his team #2 over Florida State.

Something scant few others did….


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