Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pelini Wants His Job Back, Says He Was Forced To Resign

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Well, this just got weirder...

Current former FAU head coach Carl Pelini now wants his old job back and says that he was forced to resign by the university. He denies any of the drug use that was brought up by AD Patrick Chun in the dismissal press conference he gave last week.

Pelini says he now told Chun that he didn't use any drugs, and was more than willing to take a drug test...

Remember this...???

Which led to analysis by Tom Fornelli and Tim Brando
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Chun still stands by the evidence he has in house- including texts- and Pelini is now changing his story...

From McMurphy:

Chun also reiterated that Pelini "voluntarily resigned" and "refused to cooperate in the investigation." When asked about Pelini being reinstated as coach, Chun said "he resigned. I accepted his resignation."

Pelini also said his "forced resignation" occurred after Chun and a university police officer took Pelini's phone and denied his requests to contact legal counsel. Chun said he could not comment about that specific allegation.

Pelini also claimed he was not provided written notice and a 30-day investigation period, as required by his contract. Chun said there were certain matters he could not comment on because the issue was still being reviewed by FAU's human resources department.

The HQ's thought on this is simple: Pelini wants to get paid...

This has lawyer footprints all over it...

"You did not hit that car and cause the accident. It was stuff that was said in the heat of the moment at the scene..."

And this will go the way of a filing for some kind of wrongful termination- and a settlement will follow- unless, of course, FAU really wants to go to the mat on this one and prove a contractual point.

This is about to get a whole lot uglier before it gets settled...

Deadspin has a copy of the letter Pelini has filed with FAU:

Carl Pelini statement

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