Friday, February 28, 2014

And It Begins: Ryan Miller To St. Louis

Trade Deadline Day is just around the corner... and we now have our first salvo in the run...

Ryan Miller and Jaroslav Halak were straight up dealt to and from Buffalo and St. Louis

The full deal is:

Ryan Miller and captain Steve Ott to St. Louis for Halak, forward Chris Stewart, prospect William Carrier, a 2015 first-round pick and a 2016 third-round pick.

When asked about it yesterday, Miller said: "I'm trying not to be too sentimental.I think everyone in Buffalo kind of knows how I feel about the city. [I've] always enjoyed the people, I've always enjoyed the city."

Sabres General Manager Tim Murray had talked with teams about a deal for Miller. “The route that we’re looking at is to get value for him, to put him in a position to succeed,” Murray said. He went on to call Miller a “good soldier” two days ago when all this was initially discussed...

Ott and Miller are both unrestricted free agents after this season- Ott makes $3.2-million and Miller $6.25-million

Stewart has one more year left on his deal at $4.2-million. Carrier is under an entry-level deal in the minors. Halak is an unrestricted free agent after this season at $4.5-million.

The Sabres now possess 10 picks in the first two rounds of the 2014 and 2015 Drafts.

The larger question for the Sabres is who may be next out the door by Wednesday- Tallinder, Ehrhoff, and Moulson all may be in someone's crosshairs by the time we're done. Murray admits that there are no untouchable players and that this is a complete rebuild.

Murray appeared on Hockey Central to admit that Miller says its time to go...
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