Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tracy McGrady: Baseball Pitcher (video)

Well, if you ever wondered what 6-foot, 8 inch former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady would look like throwing baseballs, here's your video.

McGrady, at age 38 is trying to re-invent himself as a baseball player. A pitcher to be exact. And he has signed a contract to pitch for the Texas Independent League Sugarland Skeeters.

McGrady had a workout Friday afternoon for the team, and yes, there's video. He appears to have an easy, smooth delivery, but it's hard to tell from the video just how hard he throws or if he'd actually be able to get out a professional hitter.

But we wish him luck and will check in to see his progress when we can.

Here's your video from KBME radio (yes, they shot video too) in Houston:

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