Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is Former NFL Safety Darren Sharper a Serial Rapist?


What started out as two rape charges may now be seven.

Former NFL safety Darren Sharper, also an NFL Network football analyst is facing multiple rape charges in four different states.

Sharper, who was charged Friday with 2 charges of rape and 5 charges involving drugging in Los Angeles, is now facing a different kind of heat on Saturday as the LA County D.A's office now have more alleged victims coming forward.

They say Sharper is now suspected of at least 7 rapes and of drugging at least 11 people in four states.

Which by most descriptions, would make him a serial rapist.

According to the reports, all the incidents happened between September of 2013 and January of this year.

Note--Sharper is only officially charged with the two L.A cases. Charges in New Orleans, Tempe, Arizona and Las Vegas have not been filed.

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Sharper, who's 38-years old, played on the 2009 Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints team and has been suspended from his NFL Network job. He's out of jail on a $200K bond and had to forfeit  his passport.

KTLA-TV in Los Angeles with the TV story:

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