Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seeberg Family Goes Public After Shembo Comments

((HT: Chicago Tribune/Lighty and Campbell))

Prince Shembo came forward at the NFL Combine saying he was the unnamed Notre Dame player accused of attacking Lizzy Seeberg in 2010 before she eventually committed suicide. Lizzy's parents knew it was Shembo, but since he was never charged the name never was released as part of the process.

Lizzy Seeberg typed a statement to police after their meeting August 31, 2010 in Shembo's room- a place where she didn't feel safe.

From the Tribune:

Seeberg then described how she cried and her body froze as the alleged attack ensued. Her allegations did not describe penetration; the campus police log listed the complaint as an alleged sexual battery. She said Shembo licked her breast. The incident ended when the player's cellphone distracted him, Seeberg said.

On Sept. 2 she received a text message from one of Shembo's friends, telling her, "Don't do anything you would regret. Messing with notre dame football is a bad idea."

She killed herself Sept. 10, overdosing on prescription medication.

Notre Dame conducted an investigation- not interviewing Shembo until five days after Seeberg's suicide. Shembo's attorney maintains the incident was consensual.

Chicago Tribune Deputy Metro editor Mark Jacob talks with Lighty about Shembo coming forward, having Lizzy Seeberg's father talk about the case (or the lack of one going forward) and any possible repercussions...

The biggest stink the HQ sees in this- among many of them- is that no one from the university has even addressed any remorse over the Seeberg suicide and the family's feelings in the matter...

Pair this with the death of the GA in high winds and there's too much to say about how a big business in a small town rules the town... and that will never change...

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