Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since When Is Eating Pasta An NCAA Violation


Tuesday the University of Oklahoma released a list of NCAA secondary violations from 2013 the program self reported.  Most of this involves text messages, impermissible calls, etc.

This secondary violation caught the eye of us in the OSG HQ:

May 10, 2013
Violation: Three current student-athletes received food in excess of NCAA regulation at a graduation banquet. The three had graduated from the school but returned for an additional season of competition. The players were provided pasta in excess of the permissible amount allowed. Resolution: The three were required to donate $3.83 each (the cost of the pasta serving) to a charity of their choice in order to be reinstated. The department provided rules education to applicable athletics department staff members.
That's right, an excess in pasta in an NCAA secondary violation.
Let that be a lesson for you student athletes if your attending a dinner of some kind, that second helping of spaghetti might cost you and force you school to be slapped on the wrist.
All for just under four dollars.
The pasta had no comment.

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