Friday, February 28, 2014

Darren Sharper Facing More Rape Charges

Yes, that's right, former All-Pro and Super Bowl winning NFL Safety Darren Sharper keeps adding to his ever growing list of rape charges.

Along with the multiple charges Sharper is facing in Los Angeles, you can now add two more charges that were filed in New Orleans. Sharper and another man are facing two aggravated rape charges in New Orleans where Sharper played for several years.

He turned himself in to Los Angeles police Thursday night, he's been ordered to not leave L.A by a judge while he's on bond for the charges in the city. Did we mention that his bail has been revoked in light of the new charges?

The other man in the New Orleans charges, an Erik Nunez, turned himself into police Friday morning.

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A note here--Sharper has not been charged, but is a suspect in two more incidents, one in Nevada and one in Arizona. All of the incidents he's been linked to have taken place since October of last year.

We told you about the earlier incidents and the belief by many authorities that Mr. Sharper can be classified a serial rapist.

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KCBS gives us the TV story on Mr. Sharper's adventures:

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