Friday, February 21, 2014

Bielema Apologizes, Sandy Barbour Explodes

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Here's where it all started with Bret Bielema...

And it finally got to the point where Coach Bielema apologized (finally) for dragging the name of deceased Cal football player Ted Agu into the discussion that said, in part:

"In my press conference last night, I referenced information about the tragic loss of a life of a student-athlete. My comments were intended to bring awareness to player safety and instead they have caused unintended hurt. As a head coach who works with young individuals every day, the passing of Ted Agu is a reminder to us all how short and precious life is. I would like to extend my deepest condolences and sympathy to the Agu family, Coach Sonny Dykes and to the University of California family."

Cal AD Sandy Barbour responded in kind via her Twitter:

"Bret Bielema’s comments about our Ted Agu are misinformed, ill-advised and beyond insensitive.”

“Using the tragic loss of one of our student athletes as a platform to further a personal agenda in a public setting is beyond inappropriate.”

Bielema even went further in a ridiculous interview before the apology discussing why he brought Agu into the discussion...

From Sports Illustrated:

"The reason I brought up the Cal player is this: We all have sickle cell players. To me, it's the most scary individual thing we face. There are no signs. There are no indicators. You test every one of your players when they come in. And there are players who come in that have no idea they have it. Then you've got to call the parents, sit the kid down and talk to them what it means -- what the possibilities of things happening are. It's a scary deal..."

Bielema's interview in SI is mandatory reading for its silliness and stupidity over the idea of clock stoppages and instant diagnoses of athletes physical problems...


Arkansas has their season opener at Auburn...
How do you think that will go...???

Kinda like this...???
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And the prevailing opinion on the Plains will go a little something like this...

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