Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tyler Ennis Saves Syracuse At The Buzzer. Jim Boeheim Had No Doubt The Shot Was In


A lot of people thought that, if Syracuse was going to lose a game in the near future, it was going to be this game in Pittsburgh against the Panthers...

But someone forgot to tell Tyler Ennis

They beat Pitt 58-56 and Ennis finished with 13 and Syracuse stays unbeaten.

Luck may have had been in the cards when Ennis put up the jumper but Jim Boeheim's interpretation his freshman guard captured the moment.

"You have to do it." Boeheim said.  "You have to make the play. The ball goes in. That’s not luck. He took the shot and he made the shot. He didn’t throw it from half-court or three-quarters court. That’s not lucky. He dribbled it up, he had a purpose, he got up in the air and he took a good shot, and it went in. It happens sometimes, but he was poised to do it."

Boeheim had no doubt Ennis' shot was good with the ball left his hand.

"When he shot it, I saw his release, and when I saw the ball, I thought it was going in."  Boeheim said. "Honestly, I said, 'That’s going in.' It could’ve rimmed out very easily, but when he shot it I thought, 'Yeah, that’s going to go in.”

The Orange is now 24-0 and looking like a special team come March

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