Sunday, February 16, 2014

La Liga Match Suspended By Smoke Bomb

((HT: Canal+))

This, sadly, is more commonplace than the HQ would like but the Celta Vigo-Villareal match was suspended by 20 minutes in the second half by one of these...

Celta Vigo win, which was a surprise, and everyone was bent:

"This experience has been crap, pardon the expression," Villareal coach Marcelino said after the match. "There are attitudes that sometimes humans do not understand and this is one of them. The most positive thing is not to discuss this issue."

Villarreal president Fernando Roig condemned the action and apologized:

"Villarreal deplores and condemns what happened. We are convinced that this is a person who is outside of Villarreal and has specifically come to harm the club. We are making all appropriate inquiries and hope to be able to identify as soon as possible to the perpetrator and come down on him with the full weight of the law.

"Such acts do not represent the fans of Villarreal. The club wants to apologize and to acknowledge the work of the security forces in the evacuation."

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