Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bettman: A 3rd Group Interested In Coyotes

((HT: 12News Phoenix/JHendrix70))

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says there are now three groups showing interest in buying the Phoenix Coyotes to keep them in Glendale.

Bettman was hosting his weekly radio show broadcast from Ottawa when he divulged the information.

The two groups we all know are kicking the tires are:

1) Former San Jose Sharks president and CEO Greg Jamison and,
2) Chicago sports mogul Jerry Reinsdorf's re-energized interest

Bettman said all this talk is just that right now, and that he doesn't want the Coyotes to move. He did say that if a sale is not completed with anyone to keep the team in town that they'd probably move.

But don't be surprised if there's another round of sales and wanting to sign paperwork, that the Goldwater Institute would be involved if there are alleged ownership shenanigans...

Here's FOSG Brahm Resnik and Goldwater institute pooh-bah Darcy Olsen to discuss the whole thing back when we had Round One with the Desert Dogs... and what may happen again if we get to Round Two...

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