Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lakers vs. Clippers: A New Rivalry?

Believe it or not, this game actually got kind of chippy. And in some ways, it was nice to see.

The LA Lakers, long the kings of Los Angeles took on the upstart Clippers Wednesday night and aside from it being a pretty good game, there was a bit of dislike expressed.

Specifically, the Lakers Pau Gasol and the Clippers Chris Paul.

After a Blake Griffin foul, the two teams headed to the other end of the court. While walking, Gasol and Paul got into a "Discussion". All the while, Kobe Bryant tried standing between them to keep the peace. That all went out the window when Gasol tried to muss Paul's hair. Paul didn't take it very well, though he managed to keep a semblance of cool on the floor.

The issue in question is right here with sound from Gasol:

The LA Times gives us the Chris Paul explanation, Paul wasn't happy:

Oh...the Lakers won, 96-91. Your highlights from

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