Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yes, Blake Griffin has the dunk of the year..so far

((ht: nba.com))

Yeah, we know. We've seen it. We've been awake about 45 minutes and have already seen it 5-times on SportsCenter and another half-dozen or so posts here on the Internets.

In case you missed it, last night, Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers did the ultimate facial dunk on Oklahoma City's Kendrick Perkins.

And yeah, sure, it was pretty impressive. Though we certainly enjoy Mr. Griffin and his ever widening repertoire of dunks, we suspect this isn't the "Be-all, end-all, never to be repeated, greatest dunk ever" as it is being made out to be.

Sorry for the cynicism...

Thanks NBA.com for the video:

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  1. bad ass no one else gettn that high above it cuf it curl it burl it