Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Connecticut Man Arrested for Threatening NY Mets?


After reading the headline to this story, the obvious question would be--Why?

And it would be a good question.

A 42-year old West Haven, Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday morning for making threatening Twitter posts to the New York Mets Baseball Players and Front Office personnel.

Yes, seriously.

A tweet with a mug shot from a WFSB-TV reporter:

Why Aryn Leroux would do something so idiotic and stupid is still a bit of a mystery, but according to the Hartford Courant, Leroux fancied himself as a Mets fan. His motivation for the threats? Who knows?

Read more from the Courant RIGHT HERE

We can only assume that Leroux was upset about the teams performance this past season. Which really, if you think about it, wasn't nearly as bad as most of us assumed it would be. Agruably the Mets have set themselves up as a future contender with a heck of a young pitching staff featuring Matt Harvey, once he gets healthy again.

Either way, Leroux is facing a charge of Threatening and Breach of Peace in Connecticut and was supposed to be arraigned some time Wednesday afternoon. They should add being a moron to the charges.

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