Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jordan Lynch Couldn't Be Stopped By Central Michigan

It was a record setting day for Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch.

Lynch threw for 155 yards and a touchdown, an OK day throwing it.

Lynch ran for 316 yards and that's an FBS record for rushing by a quarterback in NIU's 38-17 win over Central Michigan.

"We had a few good plays going in the game that we knew that would work," Lynch told the Dekalb, IL Daily Chronicle. "They stopped it early on and then we started doing different window-dressing to it. Before you know it we're flying up field and we're hitting the A gap."

Any good quarterback who runs for over 300 yards had help.  The Husky offense line was awesome according to Lynch.

"The holes were so wide open; it was nothing I did," Lynch said.

Lynch had to break the school record to break the FBS record. Back on October 8th, 1990 Northern Illinois quarterback Stacey Robinson ran for 308 yards in the Huskies 73-18.

It was such a great win and performance by Robinson back then the fans tore down the goal posts before the game ended.

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