Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Battle To Be The University of Louisiana: La.Lafayette vs. La. Monroe


Oh boy. The Lovely Bride may get upset at me saying this, but "Only in Louisiana".

It appears that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette may be in a bit of trouble with it's state legislature and with other state schools.

In a rather lengthy story in the Monroe News-Star, reporter Tabby Soignier goes into detail to explain what the Rajun Cajuns have done to anger some folks.

The school has apparently made a concerted effort to market themselves as UL or University of Louisiana, leaving out the Lafayette part.

The problem, it's a violation of state law. And the University of Louisiana at Monroe, well, they aren't too thrilled about it either.

The Cajuns have been sticklers with ESPN and others about using the "UL" branding while talking about them, something that the folks at the 4-letter kind of balked at. The Warhawks in Monroe, well, their complaint is it makes them sound like a sister school.

According to Soignier, the state came up with the law, to keep one school from proclaiming itself the state's "Flagship" school. Though we are pretty sure, LSU has more name recognition than all the directional Louisiana schools combined.

Anyway, read Soignier's article in the News-Star RIGHT HERE

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The law appears to not state a penalty for doing this, the question is, how far will the calling out go?

We get Monroe's argument, and quite honestly it's a valid one, that they don't want to be considered a "Little Sister".

Conversely, Lafayette, which has had some success on the national stage of late, we get why they are trying to do this too.

Our guess is this has the makings of a regional war, the fun part is going to be seeing how far all three sides in this debate are going to be willing to take it.

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