Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Former NFL Star Irving Fryar Facing Felony Charges

Irving Fryar/NJ Att. General's Office

Why would a former NFL star wide receiver, current High School Football coach and pastor conspire with his mother to steal almost $700,000?

That's the question a New Jersey state Grand Jury is asking about former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver Irving Fryar.

Fryar is facing felony charges of 2nd degree conspiracy and theft by deception according to the New Jersey State Attorney General's office.

Mr. Fryar has been the head football coach at Robbinsville High School and a pastor at the New Jerusalem House of God, which according to, he helped build. He played 16-years in the NFL including stints with the Patriots, the Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The accusations are that he and his 71-year old mother provided false information on loan applications with the intent of pocketing the money for themselves.

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According to reports, if convicted, Fryar and his mother Allene McGhee are staring at a possible 5-10 year prison sentence and fine of up to $150,000.

Here's video of Fryar in action for the Patriots back in the late 1980's:

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