Monday, October 21, 2013

Grambling Players Decide to Come Back and Finish Season


So, the protest lasted for a couple of practices and a now forfeited game.

The Tigers of Grambling University decided on Monday that they'd finish their football season. Of course this comes after what we mentioned in the first sentence of our story.

By now, most sports fans have heard the rallying cry. The team basically walked out early last week, complaining about: facilities, conditions, bus rides and their then interim coach (in no particular order). They then decided after not practicing half the week, to not play against Jackson State.

On short notice for Jackson State. On their homecoming.

So...the players decided today (Monday) to return to practice, senior Naquan Smith said in a released statement; "As part of the athletic program at Grambling State University, the football team took a stance on something we thought was right. We did not quit on our university. There are many problems that exist and if no one says anything, nothing will come of our institution. We hope coach Eddie Robinson and his legendary players can appreciate that we stood up for what we believe is right"

More from the Shreveport Times RIGHT HERE


We too admire the players for uniting and standing up for something. But. At what cost? Yes, the Grambling facilities appear to be substandard, particularly if you compare them to the palaces of the SEC or Big 12.

But that should not be a surprise.

We feel for them and for all the schools who don't have the gazillions of dollars that the BCS schools do. But the school also has the obligation to keep the facilities clean. Look at what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going through right now with MRSA.

Good luck to the players and we hope that all have learned something from this. Grambling and many of the schools on their level of competition play college football for the love of the game. They don't get the bazillion dollar contracts from ESPN and unfortunately never will. But they, as much as anyone have been a pipeline to NFL teams.

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