Friday, October 25, 2013

The Dirty Dozen and The Bottom of the Barrel: The Overrated Edition

Uh..yeah, so there's that.

Anyone else notice that the 1st week of the "BCS" poll and there's always a slew of upsets? Not that we are throwing conspiracy theories out or anything.

And really, you could apply this chant to pretty much anyone in the SEC this season (Yeah, I said it!--Prove I'm wrong)

Clemson, slaughtered, UCLA, barely a whimper, Texas A&M, bye-bye. Oh, and don't forget Louisville....sigh...

It was a tough week to pick games, but this is a marathon not just a one week thing. Keeping that in's the tally so far. 10-6 Yikes!!  But 80-14 on the season...


As Casey Kasem always said, "Let's get on with the Countdown"


1) Oregon 7-0. Kinda would like to see Nick Aliotti (sp?) and Mike Leach square off after last weeks aerial circus in Oregon. But seriously now. And no, don't call me Shirley...

In all seriousness. Ha! The Ducks do face their toughest stretch of the season get through the next 2 weeks...This Week : vs. UCLA, Our Pick: Oregon 47, UCLA 31

2) Florida State 6-0. Yes, really. They embarrassed Clemson. Though admittedly, Clemson kinda made that a little easier. Is there any doubting Famous Jameis now? The ACC is there for the taking. And this time a BCS berth too. This Week: vs. NC State, Our Pick: FSU 41, NC State 20

3) Alabama 7-0. Oh how the mighty have fallen. And don't blame them, the other guys have accomplished more this year. Really. Look it up. Beating Arkie 52-0, not a great accomplishment these days. This Week: vs. Tennessee. Our Pick: Alabama 37, Tennessee 16

4) Mizzou! 7-0. Admit it. How many of you picked them to be here at this point of the season. Stop lying bitches! We aren't sure they'll stay, but for now Gary Pinkel and Maty Mauk, enjoy the ride. This Week: vs South Carolina. Our Pick: Mizzou 27, SC 23

5) Ohio St. 7-0.

No, sorry, you don't. It's not all your fault, your Big 10 brethren are killing you. Even the ones you don't play. But like all good things in CFB, run the table and you get an invite to the dance. The Bucks more than likely will do just that. This Week: vs. Penn St. Our Pick: tOSU 33, Penn St. 31

6) Baylor 6-0. My new favorite team...this year. Come on' man, 64 ppg this year, how can you not love that? And they only give up 16. But they haven't been tested either. That's about to change. This Week: vs. Kansas, Our Pick: Baylor 64, Oklahoma 16

7) Miami 7-0. Dodged a bullet last week 'Canes, didn't ya? It is such an ACC thing to do, almost lose a game you shouldn't. Squeaking by a weak North Carolina team isn't a Top 10 type thing. But anyway. This Week: vs. Wake Forest, Our Pick: Miami 37, Wake 10

8) Texas Tech 7-0. Oh you crazy Kliff Kingsbury, the Big Schools gonna come calling. Very, very soon. Will you stay at the alma mater? You've done a nice job in Lubbock so far. Even if Lubbock is the middle of nowhere. This Week: at Oklahoma. Our Pick: UPSET!! Oklahoma 27, Texas Tech 26

9) Clemson 6-1. Wah, wah, wah....we knew the Tigers would lay an egg at some point, we just didn't think it would be in their biggest game of the season. But there's time to make up for it. Sorta....This Week: at Maryland. Our Pick: Clemson 48, Maryland 13

10) Stanford 6-1. Nice recovery vs. UCLA. We had you way overrated it appears....---sigh---but once again, there is plenty of time to make up for it. But'cha gotta start now. This Week: at Oregon St., Our Pick: Stanford 37, Oregon St. 33

11) Auburn 6-1. Your welcome Mrs. Nelson. We now know the answer as to who was the "real" coach of this team when they won the 2010 title. And no, it wasn't the Chizik. Great start for the Tigers and Nick Marshall is proving to be the real deal. Of course he torched a crappy Aggie D, so take it with a grain of salt. This Week: vs. Florida Atlantic. Our Pick: Auburn 52, FAU 10

12) UCF 5-1. Yes, UCF! Bitches! So they really don't warrant this, but they proved Louisville a fraud and nearly beat South Carolina (should have). Plus we were raised nearby in Longwood, so we love the Orlando area. This Week: vs. UConn. Our Pick: UCF 31, UConn 10


5) UConn 0-6. Oh, the horror. Oh and six and a new coach and little to no chance of pulling out of your tailspin. We feel so bad for you. Well, okay, maybe not. Expect the pain to continue. This Week: See #12

4) Western Michigan 0-8. Well, on the good side, only 4 more agonizing games. On the bad, you get to lose 4 more times. So you've got that to look forward to, which is nice. Hey, at least you are averagin 13 a game. Oh, yeah, you are giving up 37. So there's that too. This Week: at UMass (ew!), Our Pick: UMass 13, W.Michigan 12

3) Miami (OH) 0-7. Oh, you mighty Redhawk or Chicken Hawk or Chicken Pot Pie or whatever you call yourselves these days. You lost to Akron. And you average 10 points a game. Yeah, it's going to be a long year. But hey, basketball's around the corner! This Week: at Ohio, Our Pick: Ohio 47, Chicken Hawks 10

2) New Mexico St. 0-7. We still can't past you giving up 66 to New Mexico 3 weeks ago. How does that happen? Ever? Even if you lose? Well, anyway, now's your chance to escape, you play an FCS team just starting in FBS. Oh, wait, they've won 5 games. That's 5 more than you. This Week: vs. Abilene Christian. Our Pick: Abilene 41, NMSt 10

1) Southern Mississippi 0-6. 18 straight losses. Wah, way! Hey, maybe you can hire Brett Favre? Heck, anyone would be an improvement. It's just hard to believe this was a powerhouse program less than a decade ago. Never would have though it. This Week: vs. North Texas. Our Pick: N.Texas 43, S.Miss 21

Don't know why, but this just popped into my head. Enjoy your Football Weekend:

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