Saturday, October 19, 2013

Legendary Coach Bum Phillips Passes Away

Bum Phillips

Legendary former Houston Oilers coach O.A "Bum" Phillips passed away Friday at the age of 90. And for those you too young to know, the Oilers were Houston's team long before the Texans arrived.

Phillips, who to many personified the "Texas" football coach, made a name for himself during the late 1970's when the Oilers (now Tennessee Titans) featured running back Earl Campbell and QB Dan Pastorini. Phillips led them to 2 AFC title games and 3 playoff berths in his 5-years running things.

He was immensely popular with the fans and even more so with his players thanks to his down home charm. And because he would often sport a big Cowboy hat while on the sidelines, TV loved him.

Bum moved on to coach the New Orleans Saints through 1985 and at that point, stepped away from the game he loved and his legend just continued to grow.

Read more about the legend of Bum Phillips from the Houston Chronicle RIGHT HERE

Bum's son Wade is the current defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans. His family is asking for anyone looking to express sympathies to make a donation to Bum Phillips Charities.

The link to his website is RIGHT HERE

More on the legend of Bum in Video Form:

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