Friday, October 18, 2013

SEC Fans Apoplectic After Oregon Students Sell "We Want Bama" T-Shirts

Ctsy: Daily Emerald/Micheal Arellano


A pair of University of Oregon students have printed and are selling green t-shirts on campus with the phrase "We Want Bama" on them.

And the $10 t-shirts are going like hot cakes on the Eugene campus.

The two students decided to do it to draw attention that the current #2 ranked Ducks football team may be running headlong into a BCS title match with SEC Power and current #1, The University of Alabama.

Harmless fun, right?

Well, maybe....unless you are a crazy-ass Alabama and/or SEC Fan.

Already USA Today has a story titled "Oregon Football should hope and pray Alabama doesn't see this T-Shirt".

Read the USA Today story RIGHT HERE

We say "Good for Oregon". Why not? If SEC or Alabama fans are "Angry" about this, well, they need to lighten the heck up....

Can Oregon beat the Crimson Tide? Who knows? They may not even play.

Will they get the chance? Maybe. Alabama has a pretty easy path to the SEC Championship game, with only LSU at home standing in their way. They could, in theory lose that or the the SEC Title game to a Georgia or South Carolina team.

As for the Ducks, if they can survive games with Stanford and UCLA, yeah, sure, they are pretty much a shoo-in for a title game.

It's week #7 folks, there's a lot of football to be played. Yeah, sure, at this time Alabama and Oregon would seem to be on a collision course, but we'd argue at least one of them may not be one of the two best teams in College stop getting worked up over a t-shirt!!!!!

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