Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: Meet D-Day

So, this is sort of another "Big Week" in the College Football world and it doesn't involve Alabama or Oregon.

Meet our players

Okay, so actually the story of the week involves 2 ACC teams, Clemson and Florida St. The winner, well, they are in a prime position to make a BCS run...unless they do what ACC teams have often done in the past...

It will make sense at about the :24 mark

But enough of that. Last week was not kind to us as we appear to have gotten a bit too overconfident this season. That or the law of averages has caught up.

11-3 on the week, but some REALLY close calls. Makes yours/our total 70-8 on the season. Trust us, we know what we are doing.

So as Casey Kasem always says now it's, "On with the Countdown"

THE DIRTY DOZEN: (Time to Shock the World)

1) Oregon 6-0. Yes, we did it. We bumped them to the top of the pile. They passed the Washington test with Flying colors, take care of UCLA and Stanford and they'll run the table. And how can you not be a fan of Marcus Mariota anyway? (This Week: vs. Washington St. Our Pick: Oregon 57, Wash St. 14)

2) Alabama 6-0. Sorry Nick, we had to do it. The SEC is again kinda top heavy. And you don't play anyone until LSU. You might get your title back then, but not until. Sure you've made it look easy so far, but really, other than The Johnny Football's, you haven't played anyone. (This Week: at Arkansas. Our Pick: Alabama 38, Ark 13)

3) Clemson 6-0. So far you've passed every test. Thanks Tajh Boyd. But the big one is here. Now. In front of millions and millions world wide. Clemson. FSU. Gameday. Prime Time T.V. Tell 'em Ric

This Week: vs. FSU. Our Pick: Clemson 41, FSU 37

4) Florida St. 5-0. See above. Somebody is going home unhappy and out of the Top 5. 

5) Ohio St. 6-0. Again, another team that may run the table because their conference isn't that good. Though the SEC is MUCH stronger than the piss poor Big 10. (Yeah, we said it). Prove us wrong. (This Week: vs. Iowa. Our Pick: tOSU 37, Iowa 21)

6) UCLA 5-0. We're telling you. This is our surprise team of the year. They are much better than us on the East Coast think. West Coast too for that matter. Though there is the matter of the next two weeks. Win those, and you could be looking at another undefeated team. (This Week: at Stanford. Our Pick: UCLA 31, Stanford 28)

7) LSU 6-1. That's a good team you got there Les. And we're pulling for you if for no other reason than you are our favorite press conference head coach of all-time. And funniest. Nothing funny about pounding out a win vs. Florida last week though. Hammer and nail be damned. (This Week: at Ole Miss. Our Pick: LSU 28, Ole Miss 23)

8) Texas A&M 5-1. A good test ahead for the Johnny Football's. They've been racking up big numbers while giving up the same (32 ppg). That is going to have to stop. (This Week: vs. Auburn. Our Pick: Aggies 37, Auburn 17)

9) Miami 5-0. Return of the "U"!!! Something's gone right down in South Florida. The U is on a roll. Though admittedly, beating FAU, Savannah St., S.Florida and Ga. Tech isn't anything to write home about. Outside a date with FSU, the table is set for a strong finish too. (This Week: at N.Carolina. Our Pick: Miami 37, UNC 21)

10) South Carolina 5-1. Come on sportswriter turds. Back off Jadeveon Clowney. What did you expect? For him to jump out of a telephone book and destroy people single-handedly? He's a 21-year old kid with a world of athletic potential. Key phrase "Kid". (This Week: at Tennessee. Our Pick: S.Carolina 31, Tennessee 23)

11) Louisville 6-0. We almost dropped them out of this poll. Realistically, they wouldn't beat any of the teams ranked ahead of them. Arguably anyone in the Top 20, but that's another story for another day. (This Week: vs. UCF. Our Pick: Louisville 34, UCF 31)

12) Baylor 5-0. Yup, they were tested last week. Squeezed by K-State in Manhattan, a good win. We still like them to win the Big 12 too. Mark our words! (This Week: vs. Iowa St. Our Pick: Baylor 63, Iowa St. 18)


5) UConn 0-5. Hey, basketball season is just around the corner. Oh, wait? This is the football team. Yikes! Good thing they are playing in the powerhouse AAC. Oh, wait. Everyone sucks in the AAC. Yeah...see that now too. Oh well. (This Week: at Cincinnati. Our Pick: Cincy 35, UConn 21)

4) W. Michigan 0-7. Wow. 0-7 to start the season? Zoinks...and you play in the MAC. Surely you can win a game there? Oh, well, maybe not. Though you still have 2 directional Michigan schools to play, so there's that. (This Week: vs. Ball St. Our Pick: Ball St. 41, W.Michigan 10)

3) New Mexico St. 0-7. Holy Crap! You gave up 66 points to New Mexico? How does that happen? Oh, wait, you are a perennial Bottom of the Barrel team. That's how. Two words. NEW COACH. That is all. (This Week: at Rice. Our Pick: Rice 66, NMST 14)

2) Miami (OH) 0-6. We were all set to drop NM State here until we realized you lost to UMass last week. And as bad as New Mexico is, they aren't UMass bad. No excuse for losing to them. None. Okay, maybe if you hold this position it's okay. (This Week: vs. Akron. Our Pick: Miami 9, Akron 8)

1) Southern Mississippi 0-6. Aw, geez guys. You've had to simmer with the though of losing to FIU for 2 weeks. How's that eating at ya? The good news, after this week, only 6 more games left. The bad news, you may not win any of those games. (This Week: at E.Carolina. Our Pick: ECU 41, S.Mississippi 21)

After writing the Bottom list here, for some reason this was the 1st thought that popped into our head. Goodnight everyone!

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