Friday, October 18, 2013

Don Tollefson Under Investigation For Charity Fraud

((HT: NBC Philadelphia))

Anyone in the northeast knows Don Tollefson as a sportscaster that worked in Philadelphia and had some national cups of coffee with the "sly" network as well as some national radio sideline stuff...

Now, Tollefson has apparently run afoul of folks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey after allegedly telling them that, for a charity donation, they'll get tickets to sporting events.

Guess what...???

The money went to the donation and the tickets never came...

Police in both states are investigating and Tollefson, through his lawyers, is saying that he is seeking treatment for something...

LuAnn Cahn has the early reports...

FOSG Wendy Saltzman is investigating for ABC6, but we can't embed their stuff anymore...

The Eagles have come out with a statement of their own:

"We were originally alerted on the Thursday before the Denver game by a distressed fan who contacted us. Our immediate concern was for those fans who were affected by this situation as they were just trying to cheer on their team. Since then, we have spoken with Don Tollefson and have expressed our concerns about this situation. To be clear, the Philadelphia Eagles do not have any affiliation with Mr. Tollefson and he was not authorized to use our trademarked logo in this or any promotion. He did not seek or obtain our approval for any facet of this promotion and we are troubled that he would portray that we were part of this in any way.”

The Times-Herald newspaper's Dave Clark caught up with Tollefson:

In a telephone interview Friday, Tollefson said he had never approached anyone with the idea the trips were sponsored by the Eagles. He said his only affiliation with the Eagles is that he was an in-stadium broadcaster for the team from the 2009 to the 2012 season, but he did not partner with the Eagles when selling the tickets.

He denied accusations made by some that he has been avoiding calls and is taking money for himself.

He said that he canceled all of the trips because the airfare was not the same as it had been in the past, and he wanted better travel accommodations for those who had bought the ticket packages.

“The trips weren’t held up to the standard they had been before,” Tollefson said. “I made a personal decision not to do them this year.”

Tollefson said he has been running similar trips for the past 15 years.

The HQ doesn't think this is over by a long shot... and it won't be good by the time it's done...

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