Monday, October 21, 2013

Texans Cut 3 Players For Allegedly Violating Team Rules; Players Disagree


The Houston Texans in the midst of a catastrophic plummet from what most alleged football experts thought was NFL Elite level have made a move to "Shake Things Up".

Coach Gary Kubiak announced Monday afternoon he was cutting 3 rookies for "Violating Team Rules" in the teams Kansas City hotel room. Though he did not specify what those rules were. The Texans played the Chiefs on Sunday, losing 17-16.

The players, RB Cierre Wood, DE Sam Montgomery and OLB Willie Jefferson were not big contributors on the squad, with Wood and Jefferson the only ones seeing any playing time at all. All 3 were inactive in KC.

However, there appears there may be more to this story.

James Palmer of CSN Houston tweeted he spoke to Montgomery who gave an interesting interpretation of the event in question:

Montgomery went on to tell Palmer it was a "Childish Mistake" and no "Illegal Substances" were involved.

Sounds like a possible "Scapegoating" incident here if nothing else. No word on if any of the players has any recourse (doubtful) and more than likely, the Texans won't release any details.

Our guess is Kubiak et al. are feeling the heat of a season quickly spiraling out of control (Texans are 2-5). They are trying to re-establish there authority while giving the players the impression nobody is safe/secure.

But we could be wrong and this could be a mountain out of a mole-hill--so to's just interesting...

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