Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Raise The Jolly Roger: But We Missed A Lot...And Mat Latos' Wife Says She Got Attacked...


Did you see this last night on the broadcast of the Pirates-Reds game...???

But, it was Andrew McCutchen's mom...???
Surely, it was worth television time...

How about Doug Drabek's first pitch strike...???
Nope...??? The video doesn't exist...

How about this...???
A fan jumping off the Clemente bridge after the win...???
((HT: Dafranchize412))

It HAS made the rounds and the cops are investigating. A guy by the name of Dean Pasztor jumped into the water and made it to shore. He is from Ohio, and posted on his Twitter page that he “doesn’t care if people know he jumped off the bridge to celebrate a Buccos win.”

But a lot of the pomp and circumstance was relegated to what Craig Sager did at the statue and tossing to taped pieces- not living in the moment inside the building where 7,660 days of pent up frustration were exorcised in the Wild Card win over Cincinnati.

Evidence here... in part...

PM UPDATE: The wife of Reds pitcher, Mat Latos, Dallas says she got attacked last night at PNC Park...

In a series of Tweets, here's what she says happened...

Got punched in the head at least 3 times by a pirates fan so this has been cool

Pittsburgh police can’t arrest anyone on assault accounts so I’m the one who spent the game talking to law enforcement after being attacked.

Look. Check the police report. I was ambushed in the Budweiser bar, grabbed by the hair, drug down & punched in the head multiple times.

Every opportunity was given to pirates security to deal with this before it happened. Unbelievable.

Thanks to the pirates fan who saw it happen & apologized. Not condemning you as a group at all. That was simply wild.

According to police this morning at a press conference, Latos was asked if she wanted medical treatment and she declined. All PNC Park policies were followed, and unless the Reds and Latos decide to pursue the issue, the matter is closed.

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