Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reports: Alleged Texans Fans Heckle Matt Schaub at his Home


Okay, when does this stop?

According to reports, NFL security and Houston Police were alerted that an unknown Houston Texans fan (fans) showed up at Texans QB Matt Schaub's house and berated him.


The reports say the fan(s) left the home before police could respond, but Schaub apparently contacted the team, who in turn contacted league security.

More from CBS Houston RIGHT HERE

For what it's worth, the Houston Police tweeted a denial of the incident Wednesday morning saying: There was not a group of angry fans outside Schaub's home only that someone reported a suspicious male taking photos of the home and they were not called to respond.

The Houston Chronicle elaborates RIGHT HERE

Reading between the lines here tells us this: Someone showed up in Schaub's driveway. It appears...appears someone may have driven to the house, gotten out of the car, screamed something stupid and drove away.

It also appears Houston PD are aware of it, but not too concerned, though the NFL is a little more concerned.

Either way, we will reiterate the story we wrote about the Texans fans not only booing their quarterback, but trying to publicly humiliate him.

You can read that rant RIGHT HERE

And we stand by this. Sorry Texan fan, there's no excuse for your treatment of the guy. NONE. You can boo him all you want. You paid for a ticket, you have the right to boo whomever you want.

But when you start burning his jersey, making a big deal about the "Schaub Pick-Six" sandwich and hacking someone's Twitter account to announce a trade...that is going too far.

Way too far.

If this kind of action is what defines your life Texans fan, you are pretty damn pathetic. We know full well you don't speak for the entire fan base, there's no way you could.

Years ago, Peyton Manning did a series of commercials where he was a fan of people at their workplace. Imagine if that happened to you, only it was vulgar, mean and nasty--

And today at question and answer time, JJ Watt even talks about how the fans are these days...
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