Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Andrew Wiggins One-Ups Jabari Parker, Kansas Defeats Duke 94-83

It's hard for a college basketball game to grab attention while college football is in the stretch run but Tuesday nights Duke - Kansas was sexy enough to do just that.

Two of college basketball's name brands and a match-up of two of the best freshman in the country that came in with lots of hype, Kansas' Andrew Wiggins and Duke's Jabari Parker.

Parker didn't disappoint with 27 points, nine rebounds before fouling out late in the game.

Here's Jabari Parker after the game.  (Thanks Blue Devil Network)

Wiggins wasn't to shabby either with 22 points, 16 of those 22 points came in the second half. Wiggins also added eight rebounds and a couple of key baskets down the stretch that put Kansas over the top.

Wiggins had a luxury Jabari Parker didn't have, another 20 plus point scorer.  Perry Ellis led Kansas with 24 points, nine rebounds in KU's 94-83 win over Duke.

"Big players make big plays," said Wiggins, "I think our whole team, whoever was on the court, every possession we made a big play. That's why we came out on top."

"We didn't play a bad game tonight, we played well," Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "We didn't play well on the defensive end in the second half and in big moments, we weren't able to get a stop. Part of that is they're good. They're really good."

Andrew Wiggins may have one upped Jabari Parker in this head to head meeting but both a special basketball players.  

I'm hoping these two match-up again one more time, like at the Final Four.

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