Saturday, November 9, 2013

GA High School QB Surprised on Senior Night by Brother

((ht: tift county board of education))

Imagine for a minute you are playing in your High School senior night football game. You are standing at midfield, at halftime, with MOST of, but not all of your family by your side to mark the occasion.

The P.A announcer is introducing them, and you. And all you can think about is your brother, a Navy serviceman, stationed in the Middle East and knowing he's never gotten the chance to see you play.

That's exactly what happened to Tift County (GA) Quarterback Ryan Wedgeworth Friday night. Wedgeworth and his family were standing at midfield during the halftime celebration at the Central Georgia High School listening to a list of his accomplishments when the announcer changed his description just a little bit.

Listen closely as the P.A guy starts to talk about Wedgeworth's brother Tyler, and how he's never gotten to see his younger brother play football.

Just a couple of seconds later, Ryan turns around and look who's standing---right behind him….

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