Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vandy Beats Florida in Gainesville: Is This The End of Coach Boom?

So…how far have the once mighty Florida Gators fallen?

Wasn't it just yesterday when Tim Tebow was leading the Urban Meyer run Gators to a National Title?

Well, to the Florida faithful, that probably seems like a century ago. Especially in light of Saturday afternoon's 34-17 loss to Vanderbilt. In Gainesville. And it was the first time Vandy's won in the Swamp…since 1945.

Mind you, Vandy is not bad. 5-4 on the season and 2-4 in the SEC East, they are not the pushovers of Vandy teams past.

But this loss was about Florida ineptitude as much as was Vandy capitalizing on it. The Gators had 4 turnovers and only 39 yards running the ball.

The loss dropped the toothless Gators to 4-5 on the season and 3-4 in the SEC East. It also probably lowers the chance they make a bowl game. Aside from a game with Georgia Southern, the Gators finish with South Carolina and Florida State, neither game, one likely they'll win.

And the loss has raised the volume on people screaming for coach Will Muschamp's head. Muschamp has managed to avoid heat up to this point, despite a 22-13 record in his now 3rd season. And even more importantly, he's 0-3 vs. arch-rival Georgia and only 13-10 in the SEC.

Yes, that type of record got Ron Zook run out of town a decade or so ago.

Sure, the team has been wrecked by injuries, but so have other teams, some of whom have struggled. But none have looked so pathetic.

We will also add, this is a bit of karma paying the Gator faithful a visit, they got a bit smug during the Tebow years. This should serve as a reminder the rest of the world can easily catch you.

Carousel season is quickly coming up and we suspect come the second week of September, you can find Florida on it, watching and looking for riders.

Though we seriously doubt they can take back Urban Meyer. (ooooh, yeah, we said it)

Here's your highlights from the game. (Thanks SEC Digital Network)

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