Saturday, February 1, 2014

OSG High: St Louis HS Player Stabbed Coming Off The Bus


Information is sketchy at present, but what the HQ does know is that a St Louis-Jennings High player barely made it off the bus before being stabbed by a student from the rival Normandy High. Some reports out of St. Louis have the victim as a female- others a male.

Christine Byers at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has the assailant as a Jennings student whose bail has been set at $75,000...

A fight broke out between the school's girl's teams earlier this week. And, then, Thursday Jennings boy's team just got off their bus when three non-Normandy students met the team and stabbed one of the Jennings players...

There was the one arrest with two other students currently not being charged

As a result, the superintendent of Jennings schools will have escorts for their athletes to and from the building for their safety. Police are still investigating all aspects of the crime...

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