Saturday, February 8, 2014

U.S Bobsledder vs. Locked Bathroom Door

If you are following or keeping up with the Winter Olympics currently taking place in Sochi, you are probably aware that there have been all kinds of technical snafus, things that don't work and tons of complaints the Russians didn't finish putting together everything.

Well, check out what happened while you were sleeping at the Olympic Village. US Bobsledder Johnny Quinn got locked in his bathroom while showering up and couldn't get out.

He had to resort to drastic measures:

Okay, that's pretty funny. And we aren't real sure what it says about the doors that he was able to break it out like that.

Really, the questions now are: (a) Are they gonna make him pay for that? and (b) Did the Russians get it on video since they admitted on Friday they are video taping just about everything that happens inside the Olympic Grounds?

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