Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bills Practice Ends With Full Scale Brawl


What is it this year with training camp fights in the NFL?

Yeah, sure, we's part of the game--guys trying to prove their manliness and all that. We get it.

But at some point, someone is going to hurt themselves.

It nearly happened to the Falcons when 2nd round pick Ra"Shede Hageman bruised his hand in a practice fight. Hageman though initially he'd broken it.

That being said, check out the Pier 6'er that broke out in Pittsford, New York at the end of this mornings practice for the Buffalo Bills.

Eric Wood and Bryan Johnson throw punches and then TE Scott Chandler jumps in to help Wood. The fight ends in a pile on the ground.

The Brawlin' Bills have one last practice left in camp...on Thursday and have an exhibition game Saturday afternoon. It's doubtful there will be any discipline...

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