Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How Do You Score This One In The Book...???

((HT: Clinton Lumber Kings their own selves))


Here's the situation...

Runners at first and second, two outs, 5-5 score, and the pop-up gets lost up the elevator...

How would you score this one...???

The HQ thinks it's a double and a two-base throwing error...

Here's the official word, thanks to Mike Weisman and the Lumber Kings:

Tyler O'Neill popped up just in front of the plate. The ball landed on the dirt, no more than two feet in fair territory in between the entire Wisconsin infield. As Barbosa crossed the plate, Matos fielded the ball, and in an attempt to throw out O'Neill at second base, threw it into centerfield, as O'Neill and Thomas both scored. The third baseman was charged with two errors on the plate, as Clinton let 8-5 after four innings.

However, Wisconsin came back to win 10-9

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