Monday, August 25, 2014

Huh? Fox Loses Mind With Bizarre NFL Promos

Okay, while we are guessing the intent of FOX Sports's bizarre run of NFL promos lately is to see what might catch on in go viral, folks, they are just plain weird.

For some reason, the promo department decided that dressing up lead announce team Joe Buck and Troy Aikman as actors in a bad Spanish language video would be cool.

Or at least funny....

This is neither.

The only thing we could compare it with would be the god-awful creepy Burger King spots from a few years ago.

Not that FOX has to worry, bad promos or not, people will watch because after all, it's the NFL.

But in the interest of credibility, we might suggest having the top-flight talent do something just slightly more legit than this.

You can do better. All of you involved...

Here's the video in question:

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