Sunday, August 31, 2014

Worst Entrance Idea Ever: Eastern Michigan vs. The Concrete Wall


We have no idea who thought knocking down a concrete wall with a sledgehammer to initiate the team running out on the field would be cool.

Because all it did was make Eastern Michigan University the butt of an endless parade of jokes.

Check out what happens when the Eagles try to "Break Down the Wall" and run out onto the field.

Sure, they eventually did it...sort of. But in that time, the student section had pizza delivered, the alumni drove home and came back and the guys broadcasting the game did their halftime report early (ok, so maybe that's not so funny, it's early on a Sunday morning)....

We should add maybe it worked, albeit unintentionally since the Eagles beat Morgan State 31-28.

Anyway, here's your video which unfortunately has the god-awful ESPN like music on it. We'd really like to hear the nat sound or broadcast version instead...

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