Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Report: NHL To Las Vegas A "Done Deal..."

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After word of Victor Coleman wanting to be a part of the idea of Seattle getting an NHL franchise, there's now word trickling out of Vancouver that Vegas is already there.

In an article in the Vancouver Province newspaper, columnist Tony Gallagher has it pegged that some arena in town will be hosting a team sooner rather than later:

A new team close to the newly renamed Arizona squad and California’s big three is all but assured, the only question being when and with which other city. Or should that be plural?

With all the activity going on in the Seattle area in the last little bit it would be quite a stretch to imagine that much time and effort being spent by so many wealthy men being frittered away for nothing.

Adding two teams in the west to get to an even 32 makes sense- especially if the ECHL reorganization would lead to a 31-team league and the AHL would finally have it's true western division in the 2015-16 season. Also, moving the Florida Panthers to Quebec City to placate the Canadian fan base from all the American movement would also be a solid part of the equation with a teram hemorrhaging money and not getting their way when it comes to the new arena the owners are looking for at present.

The ECHL Wranglers have their niche, and there is a history of NHL games in Las Vegas dating back to 1991.
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There's simply too much money in place in Quebec with Quebecor Media and the pieces are there for all of this...

And another cash-in day for the National Hockey League...

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