Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wilson Family Gets 3 Bids Under $900M


It looks like the Buffalo Bills might be Terry Pegula's to lose...

After the review of a few of the opposing bids for the franchise, all three of them were under a billion dollars- and the Bon Jovi bid is on, according to the Toronto Sun, "life support..."

Pegula's bid is listed, by Forbes Magazine, at $890-million. The Bon Jovi/Toronto bid is $820-million, and Donald Trump's is listed only at $809-million. Tom Golisano is thinking about submitting a bid, but it will be up to the Ralph Wilson Trust as to whether or not they will accept any bids.

Here's the latest on the sale

The final bids are set for the next two weeks...

Until the deadline is shifted again...

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